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OpenSSL Goes to China


Over the past few years we’ve come to the realisation that there is a surprising (to us) amount of interest in OpenSSL in China. That shouldn’t have been a surprise as China is a huge technologically advanced country, but now we know better thanks to correspondence with many new Chinese contacts and the receipt of significant support from multiple Chinese donors (most notably from Smartisan.

We have accepted an invitation from BaishanCloud to visit China in person and meet with interested OpenSSL users and stakeholders in September. We’d like to thank BaishanCloud for hosting us and Paul Yang and his colleagues there for the substantial amount of work that went into arranging this trip.

Five of us (Matt Caswell, Tim Hudson, Richard Levitte, Steve Marquess and Rich Salz) will be in China from 18 September through 24 September, visiting Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing. With this trip we hope to learn more about this significant portion of the open source and OpenSSL user communities, and hope to make OpenSSL more visible and accessible to that audience. Note that while not quite constituting a OpenSSL team meeting, this will be only the third time any significant number of the OpenSSL team have met in person.

We will presenting on various aspects of OpenSSL on 23 September 2017 in Beijing. An introduction to the event and a registration link are available in Chinese.

We will also be visiting Shanghai and Shenzhen earlier that week to meet with members of the open source community and OpenSSL users and stakeholders. If you can’t make it to the presentation above it may be possible to arrange to meet up with you in one of the above locations. Please drop us a line if you are interested in meeting with us.