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Steve Henson


For as long as I have been involved in the OpenSSL project there has been one constant presence: Steve Henson. In fact he has been a part of the project since it was founded and he is the number 1 committer of all time (by a wide margin). I recall the first few times I had any dealings with him being somewhat in awe of his encyclopaedic knowledge of OpenSSL and all things crypto. Over the years Steve has made very many significant contributions both in terms of code but also in terms of being an active member of the management team.

I am sad to have to report that Steve has decided, for personal reasons, to move on to other things. The OpenSSL Management Committee (OMC) would like to wish him all the best for the future. In recognition of his huge contributions we will be listing him as an “OMC Emeritus” on our alumni page.

Good luck Steve!