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OpenSSL Is Looking for a Full Time Administrator and Manager


The OpenSSL Management Committee are looking to hire a full time Administrator and Manager. Details of the role follow.

To apply please send your cover letter and resume to by 20th September 2020.

Job Title

OpenSSL Administrator and Manager

Reports To

The OpenSSL Administrator and Manager will report to the OpenSSL Management Committee (OMC).

About OpenSSL

The OpenSSL Project develops and maintains the OpenSSL software - a robust, commercial-grade, and full-featured toolkit for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols. It is also a general-purpose cryptography library. The software is widely used around the globe by thousands of organisations, including many major household name corporations. The OpenSSL software is released under an open source licence and is available for free to anyone that wants to use it.

The software is developed by a distributed team, mostly consisting of volunteers with some paid developers. Development is managed by the OMC.

Job Overview

This full time role will assist the OMC in administering and managing the OpenSSL Project and its associated companies - the OpenSSL Software Foundation (OSF), and OpenSSL Software Services (OSS). This will cover a broad range of responsibilities and duties. You must be be a self motivated and self directed individual comfortable with working by yourself for protracted periods of time whilst fitting into a small globally distributed team mostly consisting of volunteers.

You will be primarily based from home with occasional business trips and you may reside anywhere in the world. Since the project has members from around the world, virtual meetings are often held outside of normal business hours to accommodate different timezones and so you will be expected to be flexible about when you will be available.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Assisting the part time directors in their duties
  • Assisting with the secretarial & treasurer duties (such as following up on payments, answering supplier questionnaires etc)
  • Be a business contact point for support customers and take responsibility for the support contract renewal process, new support contract negotiations and customer on-boarding (including creation of user accounts and repositories)
  • Take responsibility for status tracking/admin during technical meetings (for example regular meetings with our FIPS sponsors, and developer team meetings)
  • Project Management, tracking and reporting of large pieces of work
  • Ongoing tracking and reporting on github issues and pull requests
  • Outbound communications such as writing newsletters, blogs, press releases
  • Tracking and management of incoming security reports - ensuring that all incoming reports are responded to in a timely manner, and appropriate technical resources are assigned to: triage and analyse the reports, produce fixes, write security advisories, etc
  • Manage the security pre-notification process where necessary
  • Organise face-2-face and/or virtual meetings
  • Review and register incoming Contributor Licence Agreements (CLAs)
  • Wiki user account creation
  • When required, writing job descriptions and handling the hiring and negotiation process
  • Other similar duties as they may arise, and as directed by the OMC

Qualifications and Experience

You must have excellent spoken and written English. While not a technical role you will be interacting with highly technical people on a daily basis so a broad background and understanding of software development is essential. You may need to interact with command line tools to perform or aid your duties. An understanding of Cryptography and/or TLS concepts is an advantage but not required. You will have a proven track record in a Project or Technical Management role in a software development environment. An interest or background in Open Source development is also an advantage.

You must be able to travel to meeting locations around the globe on an occasional basis including Europe, North America, and Australia.


Commensurate with experience and location.