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Community Maintainers: How to Get Support for Your Platform


The OpenSSL project is seeking community maintainers to assist with supporting platforms that the project is unable to.

If you have a platform that you’d like to see supported which isn’t a primary or secondary platform as per our platform policy, you should consider stepping up as a community maintainer.

OpenSSL can be built for a very wide range of target platforms, however the project is incapable of supporting everything ourselves. Many platforms require specific hardware access, commercial tool-chains and/or expert knowledge to maintain. Without community maintainers, many of the less common platforms risk being demoted to the unadopted level.

At a minimum, a community maintainer needs to register their interest and be willing to answer platform specific questions, build semi-regularly and assist fixing regressions when they occur. Better is also having some CI machines available so that these platforms can be integrated into our automated build environment.

We are aiming to have an automated build system in place in the next six months. It will be based around buildbot and it shouldn’t consume significant resources or constitute an undue risk to your infrastructure.

Can you help make OpenSSL better?