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Making Changes to OpenSSL Technical Policies More Open


The OpenSSL Technical Committee decided to have a more formal but also a more open process on establishing changes to OpenSSL technical policies and other technical decisions made by the OpenSSL Technical Committee. We would like to invite the broad community of OpenSSL developers and users to participate in our decision making process.

Policy on Proposing Technical Policy Changes

This policy allows any community member to submit proposals to change or add new technical policies. It also allows the broad community to discuss any such proposal in the GitHub pull request associated with the proposal.

The currently proposed policy changes are available as GitHub pull requests in the openssl/technical-policies repository.

The full text of the policy change process policy is available on GitHub.

The Public Voting Procedure of the OTC

To enhance transparency of OTC public votes this policy moves the voting procedure from the openssl-project mailing list to GitHub issues in the technical-policies repository.

This enables the broad community to easily look at the history of the votes and list the votes that are currently in progress, even allowing adding relevant input to the in-progress votes.

The full text of the voting procedure policy is available on GitHub.