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OpenSSL 3.2 Alpha 2 Released


OpenSSL 3.2 Alpha 2 has recently been released.

Please see our previous blog post for a list of all of the exciting new features that are contained in the upcoming 3.2 release.

Thank you to all the people that downloaded and tested OpenSSL 3.2 Alpha 1. We have updated Alpha 2 to incorporate numerous fixes for issues reported to us by the community as a result of our Alpha 1 release.

A complete summary of the major new features and significant changes in OpenSSL 3.2 can be found in the NEWS file; a more detailed list of changes in OpenSSL 3.2 can be found in the CHANGES file on GitHub.

This is an alpha release and is intended for development and testing purposes; it should not be used for production use. Users should expect minor bugs. Reports of interoperability issues with other QUIC implementations, or any other bug reports, are greatly appreciated and can be filed on our issue tracker. Questions about using OpenSSL 3.2 can be posted in our new GitHub Discussions area, as can feedback regarding our new QUIC functionality and APIs.

OpenSSL 3.2 Alpha 2 can be downloaded as a source tarball here or obtained from our release tag on GitHub. Checksums and release signatures may be found on the Downloads page.

Users interested in using the new QUIC functionality are encouraged to look at some of the following resources:

For further questions or comments email