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EVP_des_cbc, EVP_des_cfb, EVP_des_cfb1, EVP_des_cfb8, EVP_des_cfb64, EVP_des_ecb, EVP_des_ofb, EVP_des_ede, EVP_des_ede_cbc, EVP_des_ede_cfb, EVP_des_ede_cfb64, EVP_des_ede_ecb, EVP_des_ede_ofb, EVP_des_ede3, EVP_des_ede3_cbc, EVP_des_ede3_cfb, EVP_des_ede3_cfb1, EVP_des_ede3_cfb8, EVP_des_ede3_cfb64, EVP_des_ede3_ecb, EVP_des_ede3_ofb, EVP_des_ede3_wrap - EVP DES cipher


 #include <openssl/evp.h>

 const EVP_CIPHER *EVP_ciphername(void)

EVP_ciphername is used a placeholder for any of the described cipher functions, such as EVP_des_cbc.


The DES encryption algorithm for EVP.

EVP_des_cbc(), EVP_des_ecb(), EVP_des_cfb(), EVP_des_cfb1(), EVP_des_cfb8(), EVP_des_cfb64(), EVP_des_ofb()

DES in CBC, ECB, CFB with 64-bit shift, CFB with 1-bit shift, CFB with 8-bit shift and OFB modes.

EVP_des_ede(), EVP_des_ede_cbc(), EVP_des_ede_cfb(), EVP_des_ede_cfb64(), EVP_des_ede_ecb(), EVP_des_ede_ofb()

Two key triple DES in ECB, CBC, CFB with 64-bit shift and OFB modes.

EVP_des_ede3(), EVP_des_ede3_cbc(), EVP_des_ede3_cfb(), EVP_des_ede3_cfb1(), EVP_des_ede3_cfb8(), EVP_des_ede3_cfb64(), EVP_des_ede3_ecb(), EVP_des_ede3_ofb()

Three-key triple DES in ECB, CBC, CFB with 64-bit shift, CFB with 1-bit shift, CFB with 8-bit shift and OFB modes.


Triple-DES key wrap according to RFC 3217 Section 3.


These functions return an EVP_CIPHER structure that contains the implementation of the symmetric cipher. See EVP_CIPHER_meth_new(3) for details of the EVP_CIPHER structure.


evp(7), EVP_EncryptInit(3), EVP_CIPHER_meth_new(3)

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