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OSSL_STORE_expect, OSSL_STORE_supports_search, OSSL_STORE_find - Specify what object type is expected


 #include <openssl/store.h>

 int OSSL_STORE_expect(OSSL_STORE_CTX *ctx, int expected_type);

 int OSSL_STORE_supports_search(OSSL_STORE_CTX *ctx, int criterion_type);



OSSL_STORE_expect() helps applications filter what OSSL_STORE_load() returns by specifying a OSSL_STORE_INFO type. For example, if file:/foo/bar/store.pem contains several different objects and only the certificates are interesting, the application can simply say that it expects the type OSSL_STORE_INFO_CERT. All known object types (see "SUPPORTED OBJECTS" in OSSL_STORE_INFO(3)) except for OSSL_STORE_INFO_NAME are supported.

OSSL_STORE_find() helps applications specify a criterion for a more fine grained search of objects.

OSSL_STORE_supports_search() checks if the loader of the given OSSL_STORE context supports the given search type. See "SUPPORTED CRITERION TYPES" in OSSL_STORE_SEARCH for information on the supported search criterion types.

OSSL_STORE_expect() and OSSL_STORE_find must be called before the first OSSL_STORE_load() of a given session, or they will fail.


If a more elaborate filter is required by the application, a better choice would be to use a post-processing function. See OSSL_STORE_open(3) for more information.

However, some loaders may take advantage of the knowledge of an expected type to make object retrieval more efficient, so if a single type is expected, this method is usually preferable.


OSSL_STORE_expect() returns 1 on success, or 0 on failure.

OSSL_STORE_supports_search() returns 1 if the criterion is supported, or 0 otherwise.

OSSL_STORE_find() returns 1 on success, or 0 on failure.


ossl_store(7), OSSL_STORE_INFO(3), OSSL_STORE_SEARCH(3), OSSL_STORE_load(3)


OSSL_STORE_expect(), OSSL_STORE_supports_search() and OSSL_STORE_find() were added in OpenSSL 1.1.1.

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