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PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_attr, PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_type, PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get_nid, PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get_bag_nid, PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_bag_obj, PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_bag_type, PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get1_cert, PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get1_crl, PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_safes, PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_p8inf, PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_pkcs8 - Get objects from a PKCS#12 safeBag


#include <openssl/pkcs12.h>

const ASN1_TYPE *PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_attr(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag,
                                          int attr_nid);
const ASN1_OBJECT *PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_type(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag);
int PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get_nid(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag);
int PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get_bag_nid(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag);
const ASN1_TYPE *PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_bag_obj(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag);
const ASN1_OBJECT *PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_bag_type(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag);
X509 *PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get1_cert(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag);
X509_CRL *PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get1_crl(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag);
const STACK_OF(PKCS12_SAFEBAG) *PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_safes(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag);
const PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_p8inf(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag);
const X509_SIG *PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_pkcs8(const PKCS12_SAFEBAG *bag);


PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_attr() gets the attribute value corresponding to the attr_nid.

PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_type() gets the safeBag type as an OID, whereas PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get_nid() gets the safeBag type as an NID, which could be NID_certBag, NID_crlBag, NID_keyBag, NID_secretBag, NID_safeContentsBag or NID_pkcs8ShroudedKeyBag.

PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get_bag_nid() gets the type of the object contained within the PKCS12_SAFEBAG. This corresponds to the bag type for most bags, but can be arbitrary for secretBags. PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_bag_type() gets this type as an OID.

PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_bag_obj() retrieves the object contained within the safeBag.

PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get1_cert() and PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get1_crl() return new X509 or X509_CRL objects from the item in the safeBag.

PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_p8inf() and PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_pkcs8() return the PKCS8 object from a PKCS8shroudedKeyBag or a keyBag.

PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_safes() retrieves the set of safeBags contained within a safeContentsBag.


PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get_nid() and PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get_bag_nid() return the NID of the safeBag or bag object, or -1 if there is no corresponding NID. Other functions return a valid object of the specified type or NULL if an error occurred.


PKCS12_create(3), PKCS12_add_safe(3), PKCS12_add_safes(3)

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