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OSSL_CMP_ATAV, OSSL_CMP_ATAV_create, OSSL_CMP_ATAV_set0, OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_type, OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_value, OSSL_CMP_ATAV_new_algId, OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_algId, OSSL_CMP_ATAV_new_rsaKeyLen, OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get_rsaKeyLen, OSSL_CMP_ATAVS, OSSL_CMP_ATAV_push1, OSSL_CMP_ATAV_free - OSSL_CMP_ATAV utility functions


#include <openssl/cmp.h>

void OSSL_CMP_ATAV_set0(OSSL_CMP_ATAV *atav, ASN1_OBJECT *type,
                        ASN1_TYPE *value);
ASN1_OBJECT *OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_type(const OSSL_CMP_ATAV *atav);
ASN1_TYPE *OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_value(const OSSL_CMP_ATAV *atav);

OSSL_CMP_ATAV *OSSL_CMP_ATAV_new_algId(const X509_ALGOR *alg);
X509_ALGOR *OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_algId(const OSSL_CMP_ATAV *atav);
OSSL_CMP_ATAV *OSSL_CMP_ATAV_new_rsaKeyLen(int len);
int OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get_rsaKeyLen(const OSSL_CMP_ATAV *atav);

int OSSL_CMP_ATAV_push1(OSSL_CMP_ATAVS **sk_p, const OSSL_CMP_ATAV *atav);
void OSSL_CMP_ATAV_free(OSSL_CMP_ATAV *atav);


OSSL_CMP_ATAV is a short hand of OSSL_CRMF_ATTRIBUTETYPEANDVALUE, defined in RFC 4211 Appendix B. It is typically used in CertRequest structures, but also in CertReqTemplateContent structures for key specifications.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_create() creates a new OSSL_CMP_ATAV structure and fills it in. It combines OSSL_CMP_ATAV_new() and OSSL_CMP_ATAV_set0().

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_set0() sets the atav with an infoType of type and an infoValue of value. The pointers type and value may be NULL, otherwise they must not be freed up after the call because their ownership is transferred to atav. The itav pointer must not be NULL.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_type() returns a direct pointer to the infoType in the atav unless it is NULL.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_value() returns a direct pointer to the infoValue in the atav as generic ASN1_TYPE pointer unless atav is NULL.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_new_algId() creates a new OSSL_CMP_ATAV structure of type algId and fills it in with a copy of the given alg.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_algId() returns a direct pointer to the algId infoValue in the atav of type X509_ALGOR or NULL if atav is NULL or does not contain an algId.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_new_rsaKeyLen() creates a new OSSL_CMP_ATAV structure of type rsaKeyLen and fills it in with the given len, which must be positive.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get_rsaKeyLen() returns the RSA key length in rsaKeyLen infoValue in the atav, -1 if atav is NULL or does not contain an rsaKeyLen or cannot be parsed, or -2 if the value is less than 1 or is greater than INT_MAX.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_push1() pushes a copy of atav to the stack of OSSL_CMP_ATAV pointed to by *sk_p. It creates a new stack if *sk_p points to NULL.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_free() deallocates atav. It is defined as a macro.


CMP is defined in RFC 4210. CRMF is defined in RFC 4211.


OSSL_CMP_ATAV_create(), OSSL_CMP_ATAV_new_algId(), and OSSL_CMP_ATAV_new_rsaKeyLen() return a pointer to the ATAV structure on success, or NULL on error.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_set0() and OSSL_CMP_ATAV_free() do not return a value.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_type(), OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_value(), and OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get0_algId() return the respective pointer or NULL if their input is NULL.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_get_rsaKeyLen() return a key length in bits or < 0 on error.

OSSL_CMP_ATAV_push1() returns 1 on success, 0 on error.


OSSL_CMP_ITAV_new0_certReqTemplate(3), ASN1_TYPE_set(3)


The OSSL_CMP_ATAV type and related functions were added in OpenSSL 3.4.

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