Cryptography and SSL/TLS Toolkit

The Public Voting Procedure of OTC

The following regulations complement the OTC Voting Procedures stated in the project bylaws. This policy affects only public votes.

Vote Proposal

The votes are proposed in pull requests and issues of the technical-policies repository on GitHub OpenSSL project.

The vote regarding a policy change proposal is recorded directly in the pull request of the policy change proposal.

Any other votes are recorded as separate issues in the repository.

All votes governed by this procedure must be announced through an e-mail to the OpenSSL Project mailing list. The announcement email must contain a hyperlink to the GitHub issue or pull request where the vote is carried out.

Casting the Votes

The individual members of OTC cast their votes directly in the issue or pull request where the vote was proposed.

When the votes are cast during an OTC meeting, the person responsible for taking the meeting minutes or the proposer of the vote copies the votes cast during the meeting into the issue.

The Final Vote Records

After the vote is closed the proposer of the vote records the final outcome and individual member votes in a separate file in the votes subdirectory of the repository. The commit with the vote record is pushed directly into the master branch of the repository. No pull request is needed.

The file is formatted as follows:

Topic: .
Proposed by: .
Issue link:
Public: yes
Opened: yyyy-mm-dd
Closed: yyyy-mm-dd
Accepted:  yes/no  (for: X, against: Y, abstained: Z, not voted: T)

  OTC Member A  [  ]
  OTC Member B  [  ]

The individual member votes are recorded as [+1] a vote in favour, [-1] a vote against, [+0] an abstention with an inclination in favour, [ 0] a neutral abstention, [-0] an abstention with an inclination against, and [ ] meaning not voted.

The vote files are named vote-yyyymmdd-vote-short-id.txt where the yyyymmdd is the date when the vote was proposed and the vote-short-id is a short mnemonic identifier of the vote such as voting-procedure or accept-pr-1234 or similar.

Closing the Issue

The issue or pull request where the vote was proposed is then labelled with the Accepted or Rejected label based on whether the vote was accepted or not.

The issue is then closed. In case the vote is in a pull request for a policy change and the vote passed the pull request for the policy change is squashed and merged into the repository.