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OpenSSL Request Tracker

We have set up a request tracker at offering read-only access using the account guest with the password guest. The username and password can also be specified in the URL, as can a link to a specific bug. For example:

List of Bugs/Requests

Please see the list of new or open bugs and requests.

Sending a Request

To create a new bug or enhancement request, send email to, clearly indicating the type of request (bug report, patch, contribution, enhancement request, ...) the operating system and version of OpenSSL affected. If you have a patch or diff, please send it as an attachment, and not inline in the message body. The easiest way to respond to an existing request is to reply to the relevant message in To help avoid duplicate copies, edit the recipient list so that only is listed and remove any quoted material. You can also create a new email by having the subject line start with a special prefix. For example to reply to ID #9999 you'd send a message to including [ #9999] in the subject.


Incoming requests are added to the request tracker. The request tracker automatically forwards incoming requests to the mailing list for information of the community and public discussion. Replies sent to keeping the ticket in the subject line unchanged will be recorded and added to the ticket by the request tracker, then forwarded to

Request Tracker Software

The request tracker is using the RT software, available from