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Meet Anton Arapov: The Latest Addition to the OpenSSL Team


We are thrilled to announce that Anton Arapov has joined the OpenSSL team! Anton brings a wealth of experience to the project, having previously worked on the Linux kernel, telecom core services, and cloud infrastructure management software as an engineering and project manager. He’s deeply committed to open-source software and will undoubtedly propel the OpenSSL project forward with his expertise and knowledge.

We have recently released our draft mission statement and values, and Anton is committed to ensuring that we adhere to and remain aligned with the final version when it is ready. They will serve as a guiding light for his work.

One of the specific challenges that we have faced in the past is making OpenSSL releases predictable. This will be a key focus for Anton and involve establishing processes and practices, implementing criteria for feature acceptance, leveraging automation, and advancing the project to time-based releases, all of which will help us deliver software that meets the highest standards. He will be looking for every opportunity to get input from our communities and governing the project in an open way, so that we can better meet your needs and earn your trust. By doing so, we will be able to deliver software that truly reflects our mission and provides the security and privacy tools that our users need.

As a new member of the OpenSSL team, Anton will play an integral role in achieving these goals. With his expertise and commitment, we are confident that we can continue to improve OpenSSL and better serve our users.