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Rebranded OpenSSL FIPS Certificates Issued


The OpenSSL project is pleased to announce that the first of the rebranded FIPS 140-2 certificates, available exclusively to our Premium Support Customers, have been officially issued by the CMVP. With this significant milestone achieved, we anticipate a smooth and ongoing rollout of the remaining and future rebrandings. If your company desires a rebranded FIPS 140-2 validation certificate bearing your organisation’s name, obtaining one is a straightforward task: simply secure a premium support contract with the project and ask for a rebranded certificate.

As previously mentioned and subsequently elaborated upon, OpenSSL Premium Support Customers are granted the valuable opportunity to access complimentary rebrandings for any of our validated OpenSSL FIPS providers. The initial group of customers who availed themselves of this generous offer can now proudly showcase rebranded versions of our certificate labeled #4282:

Certificate Number

Now that these customers possess certificates bearing their respective company names, they can engage the services of Intertek Acumen Security for the purpose of updating their certificates according to their specific requirements. This may involve incorporating additional operating environments or implementing other customisations and it will allow their certificates to remain up-to-date and aligned with the evolving industry standards and regulatory requirements.