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OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_regToken, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_regToken, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_authenticator, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_authenticator, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_PKIPublicationInfo_push0_SinglePubInfo, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set0_SinglePubInfo, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set_PKIPublicationInfo_action, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_pkiPublicationInfo, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_pkiPublicationInfo, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_protocolEncrKey, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_protocolEncrKey, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_oldCertID, OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_oldCertID, OSSL_CRMF_CERTID_gen - functions getting or setting CRMF Registration Controls


#include <openssl/crmf.h>

   *OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_regToken(const OSSL_CRMF_MSG *msg);
int OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_regToken(OSSL_CRMF_MSG *msg,
                                        const ASN1_UTF8STRING *tok);
   *OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_authenticator(const OSSL_CRMF_MSG *msg);
int OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_authenticator(OSSL_CRMF_MSG *msg,
                                             const ASN1_UTF8STRING *auth);
int OSSL_CRMF_MSG_PKIPublicationInfo_push0_SinglePubInfo(
                                 OSSL_CRMF_PKIPUBLICATIONINFO *pi,
                                 OSSL_CRMF_SINGLEPUBINFO *spi);
                                     int method, GENERAL_NAME *nm);
int OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set_PKIPublicationInfo_action(
                                 OSSL_CRMF_PKIPUBLICATIONINFO *pi, int action);
   *OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_pkiPublicationInfo(const OSSL_CRMF_MSG *msg);
int OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_pkiPublicationInfo(OSSL_CRMF_MSG *msg,
                                       const OSSL_CRMF_PKIPUBLICATIONINFO *pi);
   *OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_protocolEncrKey(const OSSL_CRMF_MSG *msg);
int OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_protocolEncrKey(OSSL_CRMF_MSG *msg,
                                               const X509_PUBKEY *pubkey);
   *OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_oldCertID(const OSSL_CRMF_MSG *msg);
int OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_oldCertID(OSSL_CRMF_MSG *msg,
                                         const OSSL_CRMF_CERTID *cid);
                                       const ASN1_INTEGER *serial);


Each of the OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_regCtrl_X() functions returns the respective control X in the given msg, if present.

OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_regToken() sets the regToken control in the given msg copying the given tok as value. See RFC 4211, section 6.1.

OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_authenticator() sets the authenticator control in the given msg copying the given auth as value. See RFC 4211, section 6.2.

OSSL_CRMF_MSG_PKIPublicationInfo_push0_SinglePubInfo() pushes the given spi to si. Consumes the spi pointer.

OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set0_SinglePubInfo() sets in the given SinglePubInfo spi the method and publication location, in the form of a GeneralName, nm. The publication location is optional, and therefore nm may be NULL. The function consumes the nm pointer if present. Available methods are: # define OSSL_CRMF_PUB_METHOD_DONTCARE 0 # define OSSL_CRMF_PUB_METHOD_X500 1 # define OSSL_CRMF_PUB_METHOD_WEB 2 # define OSSL_CRMF_PUB_METHOD_LDAP 3

OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set_PKIPublicationInfo_action() sets the action in the given pi using the given action as value. See RFC 4211, section 6.3. Available actions are: # define OSSL_CRMF_PUB_ACTION_DONTPUBLISH 0 # define OSSL_CRMF_PUB_ACTION_PLEASEPUBLISH 1

OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_pkiPublicationInfo() sets the pkiPublicationInfo control in the given msg copying the given tok as value. See RFC 4211, section 6.3.

OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_protocolEncrKey() sets the protocolEncrKey control in the given msg copying the given pubkey as value. See RFC 4211 section 6.6.

OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_oldCertID() sets the oldCertID regToken control in the given msg copying the given cid as value. See RFC 4211, section 6.5.

OSSL_CRMF_CERTID_gen produces an OSSL_CRMF_CERTID_gen structure copying the given issuer name and serial number.


All OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_*() functions return the respective pointer value or NULL if not present and on error.

All OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_*() functions return 1 on success, 0 on error.

OSSL_CRMF_CERTID_gen() returns a pointer to the resulting structure or NULL on error.


A function OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_pkiArchiveOptions() for setting an Archive Options Control is not yet implemented due to missing features to create the needed OSSL_CRMF_PKIARCHIVEOPTINS content.


RFC 4211


The OpenSSL CRMF support was added in OpenSSL 3.0.

Copyright 2007-2022 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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