Cryptography and SSL/TLS Toolkit


OpenSSL is a a collaborative effort of a worldwide community of volunteers that has a code of conduct.

Here are some of the ways you can join the community and contribute. The list of development team members is available, as is a description of how to contact us off-line. We'd also like to thank several groups for help with the project infrastructure over time.

We maintain several mailing lists. Anyone can join, but you must be a member of a list to post to it. We have a public wiki, and anyone can request an account and start adding content. We have a team blog, where members of the development team will occasionally post.

While we only distribute source, some members of the community make binaries available.

Reporting Bugs

We are in the process of changing to do "everything" on GitHub. Please see our blog post for some details and background.

If you think have found a security bug, please see our vulnerabilities page for information on how to report it.

To report a bug or make an enhancement request, please open an issue on GitHub, by clicking "new issue" on this page: If you also have code, you do not need to open both an issue and a pull request.

For more information about the best way to submit patches, please see the file CONTRIBUTING in the distribution. The short answer is make a pull request.

Our backlog of old bugs is maintained with Request Tracker, available at, with read-only access using guest as the name and password.