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X509_ACERT_get_attr, X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_NID, X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_OBJ, X509_ACERT_get_attr_count - Retrieve attributes from an X509_ACERT structure


#include <openssl/x509_acert.h>

X509_ATTRIBUTE *X509_ACERT_get_attr(const X509_ACERT *x, int loc);
int X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_NID(const X509_ACERT *x, int nid, int lastpos);
int X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_OBJ(const X509_ACERT *x, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj,
                               int lastpos);
int X509_ACERT_get_attr_count(const X509_ACERT *x);


X509_ACERT_get0_attr() retrieves the locth X509_ATTRIBUTE from an X509_ACERT x. X509_ACERT_get_attr_count() returns the total number of attributes in the X509_ACERT.

X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_NID() and X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_OBJ() retrieve the next attribute location matching nid or obj after lastpos. lastpos should initially be set to -1. If there are no more entries -1 is returned. If nid is invalid (doesn't correspond to a valid OID) then -2 is returned.


X509_ACERT_get0_attr() return a X509_ATTRIBUTE from an attribute certificate, or NULL if the specified attribute is not found.

X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_NID() and X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_OBJ() return the location of the next attribute requested or -1 if not found. X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_NID() can also return -2 if the supplied NID is invalid.

X509_ACERT_get_attr_count() returns the number of attributes in the given attribute certificate.


X509_ACERT_get0_attr(), X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_NID(), X509_ACERT_get_attr_by_OBJ() and X509_ACERT_get_attr_count() were added in OpenSSL 3.4.

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