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X509_ACERT_print_ex, X509_ACERT_print - X509_ACERT printing routines


#include <openssl/x509_acert.h>

int X509_ACERT_print(BIO *bp, X509_ACERT *acert);
int X509_ACERT_print_ex(BIO *bp, X509_ACERT *acert, unsigned long nmflags,
                        unsigned long cflag);


X509_ACERT_print_ex() prints a human readable version of the attribute certificate acert to BIO bp.

The following data contained in the attribute certificate is printed in order:

  • The header text "Attribute certificate:" and "Data:" (X509_FLAG_NO_HEADER)

    = item *

    The attribute certificate version number as defined by the standard, followed in parentheses by the value contained in the version field in hexadecimal notation. If the version number is not a valid value according to the specification, only the raw value is printed. See X509_ACERT_get_version(3) for details. (X509_FLAG_NO_VERSION)

    = item *

    The serial number of the attribute certificate (X509_FLAG_NO_SERIAL)

    = item *

    The identity of the holder of the attribute certificate. If the holder issuer name is present, the first GENERAL_NAME returned by X509_ACERT_get0_holder_entityName() is printed. If the holder baseCertificateId is present, the issuer name (printed with X509_NAME_print_ex) and serial number of the holder's certificate are displayed. (X509_FLAG_NO_SUBJECT)

    = item *

    The name of the attribute certificate issuer as returned from X509_ACERT_get0_issuerName() and printed using X509_NAME_print_ex(). (X509_FLAG_NO_ISSUER)

    = item *

    The period of validity between the times returned from X509_ACERT_get0_notBefore() and X509_ACERT_get0_notAfter(). The values are printed as a generalized times using ASN1_GENERALIZEDTIME_print(). (X509_FLAG_NO_VALIDITY)

    = item *

    The list of attributes contained in the attribute certificate. The attribute type is printed with i2a_ASN1_OBJECT(). String valued attributes are printed as raw string data. ASN1 encoded values are printed with ASN1_parse_dump(). (X509_FLAG_NO_ATTRIBUTES)

    = item *

    All X.509 extensions contained in the attribute certificate. (X509_FLAG_NO_EXTENSIONS)

    = item *

    The signature is printed with X509_signature_print(). (X509_FLAG_NO_SIGDUMP)

    If cflag is specifies as X509_FLAG_COMPAT, all of the above data in the attribute certificate will be printed.

    The nmflags flag determines the format used to output all fields printed using X509_NAME_print_ex(). See X509_NAME_print_ex(3) for details.

    X509_ACERT_print() is equivalent to calling X509_ACERT_print_ex() with the nmflags and cflags set to XN_FLAG_COMPAT and X509_FLAG_COMPAT respectively.


X509_ACERT_print_ex() X509_ACERT_print() return 1 for success and 0 for failure.




X509_ACERT_print() and X509_ACERT_print_ex() were added in OpenSSL 3.4.

Copyright 2023 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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